Who We Are

Our Mission

To Know God
and Make Him Known

Our Vision

Know God.
Find Freedom.
Discover Purpose.
Make a Difference.

What We Believe

Relationship First

We believe our relationship with God, as individuals and as a body of believers, is more important than building a church.  Our desire is not to build larger buildings but to help each other strengthen our relationship with God by following the example set for us by Jesus Christ.

Hope + Transformation

We believe our responsibility, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ, is not to prove anyone wrong but to simply present the Truth of Scripture with love and compassion.  We are simply messengers who share the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ; it is the work of the Holy Spirit that transforms lives.

Missional Multiplication

We believe that as disciples of Jesus Christ we are to make disciples in order to further the Kingdom of God.  Naturally, as a disciple of Christ, each of us should multiply our impact by helping others come to know the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Gifts of The Spirit

We believe that every individual is unique in God's own image and has been given gifts to multiply in discipleship.  We want to help each other discover these unique gifts in order to serve the Kingdom.

For a detailed description of our beliefs on the the authority of Scripture, the saving power of Jesus Christ, the Trinity, our denominational affiliation, and more, click the icon below.